Your Impact

Your generosity has an expansive and exponential impact on the legacy of Sacred Heart. When you donate, you are sharing in the commitment to support our Comets in their academic endeavors. You are communicating to students that you want them to do well in school, because education is important. You give them the opportunity to remain in a place that really does cultivate and encourage a love of learning, a persevering mindset, and a camaraderie among other young women. Most importantly, it stresses the importance of citizenship and a passion and love for God.

What is my impact when donating to Sacred Heart?

Sacred Heart is an environment that encourages young woman to find their voice. There is a spirit here that supports and engenders confidence. There are opportunities for mentoring through real-life experiences. Your financial contributions help more students, parents, faculty, and staff experience this loving environment.

So, if you are wondering how far the financial assistance goes, the answer is immeasurable. With financial assistance, families are able to stay at Sacred Heart. Students are able to play sports and create friendships and bonds that help them be better people. They are able to join clubs that will help positively shape their identity. Comets are able to do well academically and set their sights on college. They are able to have careers and have agency in their lives. They are able to branch out into the world and share the experience they had at Sacred Heart with others. And so, the financial assistance you provide has truly been infinite. Everyone who interacts with our Comet Alumnae will also be enriched by your generosity.

Our students have aspirations that transcend their current financial circumstances and social economic standings. They, like most young adults, just want to follow their dreams and they are extremely driven to do just that. Your contributions help open doors that would otherwise be closed for them. Your generosity shows our community that we can in fact shatter the cycle of poverty.

We are extremely grateful for all of the support we receive and we know that our students are as well. We thank God for each and every one of you and we pray that he continues to bless you, your families, and the Sacred Heart community.