We all love a Comet story. Sara Fontan-Ocampo '01Nadine Aceves '97Nancy Castillo '09, and Jennifer Tapia '05 all met while working at New Open World (NOW) Academy in the LAUSD district. Sara takes us back to October 2019: their school was celebrating the 50th day of the school year with a 50’s era theme. It was on this day that all four alumnae arrived to work wearing their senior sweaters; and they quickly realized that not only were they all Comets, but they were all Celestials!

Sara shares with us, that “Working with fellow Comets feels like working with family… It makes our work more than just a job when you are working with people that carry similar values.” We are proud to see Comets not only thriving, but living the values of our Sacred Heart Familia, and sharing those gifts with the world.