Live, Camera, Action (LCA) is a non-profit organization in collaboration with the LAPD, Hollenbeck Division, whose mission is to help youth build leadership and life-skills. Through a development program that uses digital video and the art of storytelling, LA youth learn how to become successful productive citizens. Officer Donald Levier and the instructor, Mr. Ignacio, are very dedicated to helping youth use their talents and express their issues, stories, and accomplishments through the art of video production. 

The organization hosted a competition among the students where the instructors reviewed the videos and graded them based on the script, video quality and the depth of the story. On Friday, February 18th two of our Comets received First and Second place in this competition.

"The program has changed my life. It has allowed me to realize my potential for video production. The program has empowered me and has given me a voice to speak up about my life, ideas, and opinions. As a first-generation Salvadoran-born student, my journey had its ups and downs but thanks to this program I aspire to become a film director." -Carla Ayala '22