Empowering Tomorrow’s Catholic Woman

Empowering Tomorrow’s Catholic Woman (ETCW) is an all encompassing program prized on being creative, interactive, innovative and visionary in order to make a broad and lasting impact.

The purpose of ETCW is to support young women in their efforts to eradicate societal, educational, and professional barriers. ETCW helps students transcend the cycle of poverty that has so long limited their opportunities. Moreover, it helps counteract the lack of leadership roles available to young women. It lays the foundation that will nurture the potential in each young woman to realize her dreams.


Statistics show us that girls and young women are in crisis and at risk. Minority females, in particular, encounter many challenges. Negative influences in society, inefficiencies with public education, a lack of a spiritual foundation, the absence of parental guidance in some homes, teen pregnancy, the excessive media imagery and sexual exposure are many of the forces that we are eager to combat. We believe that these influences are an impediment and can be quite devastating to the aspirations of many passionate and vibrant young women. ETCW helps our students in refining and sharing their gifts with others.

"ETCW will inspire, encourage and give young women the confidence to reach their greatness and share that greatness with others"

Raymond Saborio, Principal  

Through ETCW, our students will become aware of the issues confronting young women and minorities. With this knowledge, students can increase their confidence in their own voice. They can solidify their convictions, continue to develop life-skills, and gain knowledge that will ultimately help them contribute to positive change that will break societal cycles.