Alumnae Association

The purpose of this organization is to assist in a practical way, for the benefit of Sacred Heart High School and the furtherance of Catholic education. We assist by uniting all efforts in accomplishing worthy activities whether spiritual, financial or social. By doing so, the Alumnae Association fosters a lasting spirit of loyalty to the Alma Mater, upholds its traditions, and perpetuates friendships.

The Alumnae Association meets, for all general meetings and purposes, on the school campus: 2111 Griffin Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90031. SHHS Alumnae Association Board Meetings are held on on a regular basis. Contact for the next scheduled meeting.

Alumnae Board President's Welcome

Dear Fellow Alumnae,

Welcome Comets! The 2021-2022 academic school year ended in June, and we have enthusiastically entered the 2022-2023 academic school year. We give thanks for the wonderful and meaningful year that just ended and we congratulate and pray for the Senior Class of 2022 as they pursue their higher education. We anticipate the day they will return to their Alma Mater and share their successes and achievements. In these uncertain times,  it is reassuring to know that our Alma Mater continues to be strong and to provide the excellent education that allows students to achieve their highest potential.

To begin, we are excited to introduce the Board Officers of the Sacred Heart High School (SHHS) Alumnae Association for the coming year through June 2025:

  • President - Gabriela Martinez ‘84

  • Vice President – Ruth Adame ‘71

  • Financial Officer – Rose De Leonardis ‘75

  • Secretary – Teresa Ybarra ‘70

  • Parliamentarian – S. Laurence Marie Diaz ‘58

  • Secretary of Class Representatives – Liz Beaudine ‘65

  • Historians – S. Patricia Ann Smith ’64 and Ester Ybarra ‘73

The Alumnae Association Board is actively supporting SHHS and is proud to participate in, financially support, and promote various annual activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Coming Home Christmas Party (December)

  • Phonathon (March)

  • Mass and Reunion Luncheon (May)

  • Gala (May)

We will provide further details on the above events in the near future. You can find them on the website under Alumnae: Upcoming Events.

As Alumnae of SHHS, you are our best ambassadors to demonstrate our pride for our Alma Mater. Through your actions, support and willingness to participate in activities throughout the year you are a champion of Sacred Heart. Joining the Alumnae Board and/or becoming a Class Representative are two other examples of ways to get involved.
Our ask of you is your participation. Re-engage with your Sacred Heart Comet family.
Leverage the Alumnae Association to understand what events are upcoming. Volunteer your time and contribute to our fundraising efforts to drive the future growth of SHHS.
In conclusion, we thank you in advance for your support. It wouldn’t be the same without you and your impact truly makes a difference, both for fellow Alumnae and today’s students.

With warmest regards,

Gabriela Martinez ’84                                                           Ruth Adame ‘71
President                                                                                       Vice President


Membership of this organization shall consist of all graduates of Sacred Heart High School. All members may attend Executive Board meetings as non-voting members.

All members shall have an equal right to elective office and appointment to committees in this organization. The Principal, Development Officer, and Alumnae Director are ex-officio members of this organization. They may participate in any event and/or meetings of this organization, but their attendance is not required. They may vote, but are not required to do so.

All members shall pay annual membership dues of $30.00 from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. Lifetime membership is no longer available. However, lifetime memberships recorded in the current database of the membership shall be honored.

To pay your $30.00 yearly dues electronically, click on the donate button below.

Sacred Heart Alumnae Network

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