Integral Student Learning Outcomes


Integral Student Learning Outcomes

A graduate of Sacred Heart High School is…

A Spiritual Woman who:

    • Embraces and nurtures a developing and deepening relationship with God
    • Demonstrates an understanding of the Roman Catholic faith and heritage
    • Makes choices informed and inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ

A Life-long Learner who:

    • Is prepared to face the challenge of her higher education and future career
    • Applies critical thinking and systematic problem solving skills
    • Develops her creative talents and skills
    • Uses technology and other resources efficiently and ethically

An Independent Young Woman who:

    • Demonstrates leadership skills
    • Accepts challenges and takes risks in pursuit of goals
    • Practices a healthy lifestyle
    • Contributes effectively in collaborate situations
    • Demonstrates organizational skills and self-discipline
    • Understands and takes ownership for her actions
    • Respects and appreciates her God-given uniqueness and that of others

An Effective Communicator who:

    • Expresses herself and her ideas competently
    • Actively reads for comprehension and analysis
    • Writes with clarity, purpose and with a command of language
    • Is an engaged and responsive listener

A Socially Responsible Citizen who:

    • Is engaged in community service
    • Exercises the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
    • Promotes a more just society